What we do

We speed up ambitious charities ability to change their communities.

Too often, finding the key business skills, leadership, resources and mentoring to make an ambitious charity “fly” is too hard.

Of the 165,000 registered charities in the UK, just 2,000 account for 70% of the total charitable income. Inspire’s sweet spot is just below this 2,000 – and on inspiring SMEs, entrepreneurs and business leaders to get involved with these ambitious charities, to speed up their progress and impact.

We mobilise the business community’s resources, expertise and leadership behind our non-profits. By bringing together charitable organisations and successful business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, everyone wastes less time. Together, we do good, faster.

The vision

By 2035, every ambitious UK charity will be transformed through great leadership, so that our communities can thrive. We expect 1,000 UK charities to be part of inspire.

The why – our Theory of Change

By mobilising the resources, expertise and leadership of the business community with the philanthropic world, together, we can do good, faster.

We’re doing this because we believe that great leadership is everything. Leaders set the direction, the vision, the culture of an organisation. A wonderful idea or a magnificent cause will go nowhere without the leadership to make it happen. Leaders create positive change. Leaders create momentum. Leaders bring good attitudes. Leaders grow people. And if you can connect the leaders doing all this with other leaders…..well that way, you can change the world.
By connecting and mentoring the leaders of great charitable causes with the leaders of great businesses, around specific challenges and issues, inspire stimulates the strength of two often opposing worlds. The combined expertise accelerates the charities’ growth, helping to make a deeper impact on their communities, faster.

The how

icon-cogWe take ACTION through our Mentors and Supporters so that inspire charities can demonstrate the impact we have.

ixon-searchWe undertake RESEARCH and training so that we know that we are doing, works.

icon-peopleWe CONNECT through our regular inspireLive events so that the philanthropic and business worlds learn from each other and we are able to speed up “doing good”.

icon-lightbulbWe SUSTAIN through our Future Leaders programme, so that we create a genuine legacy of philanthropic thinking, starting with those who are 18-28 years old.



The people who directly take action to accelerate the pace of change and good, through mentoring, consulting, connecting and advising:

inspire Charity Hubs and Mentors:

Our inspireMentors are business leaders, owners or entrepreneurs that deliver one to one mentoring to the Chair/CEO of five charities and also facilitate group Hub meetings of these five different cause charities. The combination of peer to peer insight and third party, business leader expertise is invaluable. Our testimonials pay tribute to the impact our Mentors have had.

inspiredSupporters:  the businesses and individuals who support our charities
We work with companies and teams on their team building, corporate social responsibility, fundraising and development activities, bringing them together with Hubs, so that the impact they can make is magnified.

We have an extensive network of pro-bono supporters; professionals (individuals and companies) who are highly skilled and provide help and support in areas such as legal, finance, IT, PR and marketing.


inspireHealthcheck: the tool through which charities can measure and learn to progress their leadership and organisational health.

inspire isn’t for every charity. It is for those who want to change, develop, grow, deepen. We want leaders who will make the most of the time and expertise our Leaders and Supporters have to offer. The healthcheck we are developing ensures that the key leaders of the charity understand what being an inspire charity is. And that what we can offer is what the charity really needs. It provides a base for the measurement of future outcomes.

In addition, our inspiredLeaders and Supporters deliver workshops, seminars and development sessions that are open to the entire inspire family, so that our learning is accelerated too.


inspireLive: quarterly open house events convening the entire inspire family.

Corporate and third sector executive peer networking at GCLive quarterly events that bring together inspire charities, inspire business leaders and philanthropic corporates to listen to motivating and inspirational speakers so that everyone leaves knowing how to do good, faster.

inspireHQ: the place to go to meet others who are doing good faster (and get a great cup of coffee at the same time).

In the next year, we will create a real HQ where charities, corporates and individuals can meet to network. As a community café and bookshop, our culture of learning and networking will be key to HQs success. It will create a buzz and ambience of action that will inspire our charities, our leaders and our communities.


FutureLeaders: the next generation of inspiredLeaders and inspiredSupporters.

We believe the future starts today. By developing, connecting and engaging those 18-28 year olds who want to develop their business careers, while doing good, we know that future inspire charities will be more successful. Our FutureLeaders volunteer with inspire charities, participate in inspireLive and other inspire events, and are mentored, trained and developed to become impactful and effective philanthropists at the earliest possible stage in their careers.