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inspire is about mobilising the best business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs around the most ambitious charitable organisations so that together, we do can do good, faster.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to join inspire’s family of Companies, Supporters, Charities or Future Leaders, then please contact us.  With your time, talent and treasure, the skills that helped you achieve your success and the infectious enthusiasm all great leaders have, you can make an immediate difference to over 2,000 people.

The more supporters inspire has, the more good we can do, faster.

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iNspire CharityBecome an inspire Charity

inspire works with charitable organisations from around the North.  There are no set criteria to meet other than to clearly demonstrate how you would benefit from the help that the inspire programme provides and that you are ambitious, committed and open to change. The CEO or Chair of the organisation is the one to apply.

Once accepted on the programme, you will be assigned to a Hub and will work closely with a Mentor.  The Hub will run for a minimum of 12 months.  Whilst on the programme, your full commitment to your Hub and to each group and one-to one session is required. You will benefit from the following:


You will join a Hub with four other charities with a Hub Leader who provides both one to one mentoring and facilitates peer to peer mentoring meetings. The Leaders are entrepreneurs, business builders and experienced individuals who know what it takes to build a business and make a direct, practical difference.


We have a pro-bono time bank that ambitious charities can access for specific, project based work, that will enable you to speed up progress


You will be joining a network of similarly ambitious charities, and business leaders who want to speed up the time it takes to make the world a better place. You will be invited to events to grow and share your charity’s profile, as well as benefiting from inspire marketing of charities.


To change and learn and share your time and expertise with other charities and the business community, as set out in our Guiding Principles.

Our testimonials section gives you some idea of what impact our Hubs have had on the charities

inspire is ambitious to increase the size of its portfolio of charitable organisations and to work with more organisations that will benefit from its help.  If you would like to find out more about joining inspire’s portfolio of charitable organisations then please contact us.

iNspire LeadersBecome an inspired Company: CSR done better

Companies and organisations: You want to build teams, give something back, develop values and skills. And do this in a way that also gives something back to your communities.

Traditional “Corporate Social Responsibility” tends to take a single cause approach and often with the top 500 charities in the country (there are 165,000 UK registered charities).

At inspire, we create and develop programmes that bring 3-5 charities to your organisation – but with us at the core, you still have a single point of contact. But we work with those charities that aren’t in the top 500 – giving you the opportunity to make a genuine difference.

We develop programmes for companies that manage the tricky issues of ensuring that all three groups (the company; the individuals; the charities) have a meaningful, valuable and impactful experience. That as a result of the time spent, we have done good, together, faster.

There are too many coats of paint on walls in charities and too often, SMEs and ambitious companies aren’t working with the charities who could most benefit. Ambitious charities need the valuable business experience you have, to be applied in a way that benefits the cause and communities (and sometimes, that coat of paint is just what is needed….but rarely is it a corporate that is best to apply it).

Contact mark@inspirecharity.co.uk to talk about what you are looking to achieve with your team and how we can use the range but connectedness of our charity Hubs so you can achieve that.

iNspire AmbassadorsBecome an inspired Mentor or Supporter

Mentors: Mentoring is at the very heart of the support that inspire provides.  The model is designed to provide both peer support and experienced leadership skills to each charitable organisation in the inspire portfolio.

Each organisation is assigned to a group which consists of no more than 5 non-competing organisations.  These groups are called “Hubs” and each is headed by an exceptional Mentor from the world of business.  The Mentor provide mentoring, coaching and support and have been selected on the basis of their business successes and considerable leadership skills.  Each Mentor also brings with them their exceptional network of contacts and the ability to draw on the inspired Leaders and inspired Supporters networks.

Each Hub meets on a monthly basis and the group meetings provide those involved with both peer support from other organisations experiencing the same challenges as well as expert guidance and support from the Mentor.  The group sessions are an opportunity to share experiences and issues and learn from those who have been there and done it.  These meetings are supplemented by one-to-one sessions where the Mentors work with the CEO or principal of each organisation giving support and guidance for the challenges and decisions they face on a day-to-day basis and also help develop strategies to ensure success in the future.

In addition to acting as a sounding board, the Mentors also assess whether there is a need for specific skills or advice which could be provided by the inspire Leaders and Supporters networks.


inspire’s Supporters are all experts in their fields and they include lawyers, accountants, events organisers, IT consultants, marketing and PR companies and inspirational speakers.  What they give can have a major and profound influence and can help our charities make a gigantic step forward.

Supporters donate time and skills on a pro-bono basis; these resources are available freely to all the inspire charities however, they are monitored by inspire to ensure they are used effectively.

inspire does not dictate the number of hours or type of skills that can be donated. This is left to each Supporter to decide. Current Supporters have provided skills and time in different ways from a set number of hours advice per annum, to a specific number of one-to-one sessions, a half day seminar or a full day workshop. Supporters have also donated office space for events, hands on support at charity fundraisers and help on specific projects.

inspire welcomes the opportunity to discuss how it can work with you, so do contact us to find out more about becoming a Supporter.


If you can’t give your time, can you give some of your treasure to inspire so that we can accelerate the pace of good in the world? Funding allows us to develop our programmes, support our charities and undertake the research needed to ensure we are doing all of the right things, effectively.

Please contact mark@inspirecharity.co.uk for more information and to donate.

Future LeadersBecome a Future Leader

inspire is looking for the next generation of ambitious leaders committed to philanthropy. We are seeking 18-32 year olds, energetic and driven professionals, who share some common traits:

  • Committed to the mission of inspire
  • Willing to contribute to the work of our charities financially and/or with pro bono services
  • Excited about transforming businesses and charities to create a more philanthropic mind-set in the corporate world.

inspire Future Leaders are warmhearted and open-minded individuals with a fundamental desire to give back to the community. They see success in their professional life as a way to look beyond their own needs and help others.


inspire Future Leaders get recognised for their vital contribution. The benefits of becoming part of our leadership programme are extensive:

  • Structured personal training and development by a Mentor
  • Regular training and development events with inspire businesses and charities, as well as invites to inspireLive events
  • Becoming part of inspire charities network, and access to trustee, volunteering and fundraising roles

Being a FutureLeader sets you apart. You are already excelling in your career and hitting your personal targets. Now you can prove your broad vision, empathy and the ability to see the corporate world from a new perspective. Step on the road of becoming the next Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Michael Bloomberg and understand that they share a common vision: “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”.


You feel inspired! You see yourself boarding inspire and working towards our cause! Then please contact us.