Six Ways Business Views Climate Change

In this article from GreenBiz Mark Trexler examines the role of the private sector in addressing climate change. Mark breaks business leaders down into 6 distinct groups ranging from those fundamentally opposed to any climate change policy (as a potential threat to their profits) to business leaders who see themselves as being “on the front […]

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wind farm

The Role of Aviation in Sustainable Urbanisation

In 2007 it was the first time in human history that more people lived in towns and cities than did in rural areas. This trend is only set to continue and accelerate so that by 2050 two thirds of the population will live in an urban area. In this article, on Triple Pundit, John Mandyck […]

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How Companies Bank On The Benefits of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that has been growing for the last two decades and now many large corporations have a department dedicated solely to CSR. With 73% of Millennials willing to pay more for socially responsible products, corporations have grasped just how important this is for profits and also for the […]

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Amazing Abdi Lands His Dream Job

One of the inspire* charities, Henshaws, supports people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations. They shared one recent success story: One of our key support programmes is based around collaborating with over 40 partner organisations (Including Businesses, Social Enterprises, Charites and Corporate partners) in the Greater Manchester […]

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Recruiting Made Easy

A crucial aspect of any organisation’s ability to achieve its mission is to get the right people on board. Talented, committed people, with the right skill set and behaviours, will change the world. Therefore the process of recruitment is an important one. Andy Edwards, Managing Director of Axon Moore, shares his advice on securing the […]

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What’s Going On

What’s going on The 2016 UK Heart Safe Awards will take place on Friday 7th October, held at the Midland Hotel, Manchester. Celebrate the 5th annual awards, and help recognise some outstanding achievements and applaud those who have gone above and beyond to create Heart Safe environments across the UK. Sponsorship opportunities are now available […]

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Businesses Doing Good Faster: Carrs Pasties

We were delighted to see prominent Bolton business Carrs Pasties supporting Street Soccer Academy at one of their recent events. We caught up with Joe Carr, Managing Director, who shared the business’ strong ethos around philanthropy. “Working with charities and with our local community is something that has always been an important part of our […]

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carrs pasties

Starting Young – An interview with Duncan McCombe, Network Young

Like many students before him and many since, Duncan McCombe approached his final days in full time education with uncertainty and some confusion over what would come next…There was lots of guidance available on applying for university and getting onto an apprenticeship, yet almost no support for developing vital skills such as networking with the […]

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Duncan McCombe

U.N. Flexes Tech Muscles Over Climate Change

Software, powered by Google, will no whelp the world tackle climate change related problems, as well as deforestation and problems of food production. Open Foris, U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) software, uses high-resolution satellite images to monitor the environment and changes in land use and forest cover. To find out more read the full […]

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Lords Committee’s Call for Evidence on Charity Sector

As the Lords committee considers the sustainability of the sector and the challenges of governance it has issued a call for charities and organisations to give evidence that could guide its deliberations. The committee wants to understand the pressures faced by charities so that it can make recommendations to enable the sector to remain sustainable […]

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House of Lords

Thought Leaders

How did Louis Pasteur develop preventative treatments?

This great article from the gunnercooke Reading Room looks at Louis Pasteur and how his innovation and scientific accomplishments earned him the ‘Legion of Honour’ France’s highest decoration. To find out more and how his methods had a worldwide impact take a look at the full article here.    

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How Thomas Cook built his reputation in the travel industry

As part of the gunnercooke pioneer series we can see how Thomas Cook made travel accessible to the working classes after moving from a career as a preacher to a wood turner to a travel pioneer, all while remaining a strict baptist. A fascinating read – read the full article here  

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People Matters

Stop Worrying And Unwind On Holiday

Are you able to completely switch off on holiday and totally relax? Or do you have a tendency to keep a close eye on your iPad and a constant awareness of the nearest WiFi?  If so you are one of a large group of us that keeps their phones on, and regularly check email, while […]

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