How Having A Mentor Through inspire* Has Been Helpful


Pete Horlock: Ministry2Business

Tlogos_15wo words sum up the value of an inspire* mentor to me:
Encouragement: I always come away from the sessions feeling valued and energised ready to serve other people in their workplace.
Clarity: the experience and insights that inspire* mentors have shared with me clarified action points and practical things I can do to make my work with Ministry 2 Business better.


Thanks for all your hard work.


Ros Holland: Boaztrust


It’s often said that leadership can be lonely, and from my experience that is definitely true. Having a mentor through inspire* has meant that I have had someone to meet with, on a regular basis, who I can talk to about anything from marketing and recruitment to management and fundraising (and much more besides!). The opportunities to pause, listen, reflect and learn over several months have been invaluable to me, impacting my own growth and development on a personal level as well as in my role here as Chief Exec.



Richard Marsh:  The Factory Youth Zone

logos_05My mentor has supported me in a really difficult situation that was beyond my experience and learning. Assisting me to ask the right questions of the right people and then to reflect . Importantly he was able to clarify my own views whilst also offering his opinion . The impact of this work has gone beyond just The Factory in that I have taken this learning and I am applying this across another 6 charities. What this did for me was to take my thinking , questioning and strategic positioning to a different level . How it has inspired me has been to give me the confidence to occupy a new and more influential position in influencing stake holders and funders rather than just responding to their need.



Clare North: Wythenshawe Community Initiative

Having a mentor through inspire* has helped me by:

· Strengthening our trustee board to give more support to our charity
· Given me motivation and support that otherwise I wouldn’t have received
· Helped me link up with other charities for support and to share good practice
· Enabled me to look at the ‘Big Picture’ and not just the day-to-day