A Letter From Our Chairman



I have wanted for a long while to do a blog to inspire* supporters and stakeholders and this seems like a very good time.

I want to publicly thank Sarah, my wife, for the amazing job she has done to get inspire* to where it is today. As you know Sarah is now stepping to one side to develop her own business, but I am sure that you won’t have seen the last of her. I hope not.

  • We now have 30 charities as part of the inspire family*. These are all ambitious charities who seek to grow and do good faster. That is our only criteria for membership.
  • Our challenge is to not only support these charities and not for profit organisations with the help of mentors, networking or educational events but to connect the corporate world to our local charities. We want CEO’s of our local businesses to understand that part of their role is ‘to look after their own’
  • We now have 9 of our gunnercooke management consultants seeking to work with leadership teams at corporates to help them to understand that a thought through CSR strategy (C*SR) can be good for their commercial business strategy, can provide them with a competitive edge in their market place and set them apart from their competition and provide a sustainable philanthropic legacy. If you are able to introduce us to a CEO of any business I would be delighted to talk to them about C*SR.
  • Part of our role is to convince CEOs that success is not just about focusing on profit and numbers but by looking after their people and showing how their people can look after their communities, they will achieve far greater and lasting success and their numbers will follow. They will also create legacies. Caring for their business means caring for their people and their own. They will and should step up to being our heroes.
  • To do this we have launched The Movement, working with the City Council, the IOD and the Business School. We are working on a website and will then seek to create the momentum to win over CEO’s one by one by pyramid selling.
  • We are also working on a product to be sold to the celebrity and football / sports market to again connect them with our charities by the giving of both time and money.

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without Sarah’s leadership and your support. Thank you.

It is this platform that enables us to move forward with confidence and that means that people want to talk to us and work with us.

Our start was entrepreneurial. We now need to form ourselves into a more sophisticated / corporate approach without losing these entrepreneurial values. We are busily putting together a board to take us forward to the next stage. I will be in touch soon with more details.

Each one of us wants to make a difference. Our role is to help ourselves and others to think differently. To do an astonishing amount of good. To use both our head and our heart. The Victorian philanthropists leave us wanting. Philanthropy builds brands and businesses and changes societies. There is a lot to do but the reward is great and the benefits are immeasurable.